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IPL Black Carbon Facial - Starting at $100

After one treatment skin is glowing and radiant. Looks smoother and feels tighter. Need to wait 4 weeks between treatments. One of my favorites! Book Now

Tattoo Removal - Starting at $1500

Tattoo removal is a procedure that delivers laser to dye particles injected into the skin. Different colors in the tattoo may respond differently to the laser. Tattoo removal requires several treatments and will leave a scar. Pricing ranges on size, how old tattoo is, color and sessions. Expensive and painful. Must take excellent care of site between sessions. Typically 4-6 weeks between sessions. Book Now

Nail Fungus Removal - Starting at $125

IPL laser treatment. Price depends on how many areas that need to be treated and client. Book Now

IPL Removal - Starting at $100

The most common laser treatment to remove freckles, skin tags, moles, sunspots and age spots. Typically takes 1 – 3 sessions for results with sessions 4 weeks apart. The laser usually darkens the unwanted skin pigment for 3-5 days after treatment before fading to a more natural color. Price depends on size, how many areas are treated and client. Book Now

Spider Vein Removal - Starting at $250

IPL vein removal is a noninvasive treatment that is fast, safe and effective. Most clients report little to no discomfort. Typically only 1 – 2 sessions needed with 4 weeks in between sessions. Depending on size and location on the client is how price is based. Book Now

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